Online Marketplace Maximizes the Benefits of Selling a Law Practice

Using an Online Marketplace When Selling a Law Practice

Selling a law practice is daunting task for attorneys seeking to retire or transition into a different phase of their career. The process can be complex and filled with various challenges, but utilizing an online marketplace, such as those designed to facilitate the sale of law practices, can offer numerous advantages. This article explores the benefits of leveraging an online platform to market your law practice, particularly in relation to ABA Rule 1.17, and emphasizes the cost savings and internet-wide exposure it provides.

Cost Savings: $49 per Month vs. 10% of Law Practice Value

One of the most significant advantages of selling a law practice through an online marketplace is the cost-effectiveness it offers. Traditional methods of selling a law practice often involve hefty broker fees, which can amount to a substantial percentage of the practice’s total value. In contrast, online platforms typically charge a nominal monthly fee, as low as $49, giving you the opportunity to save a significant portion of your practice’s value.

By choosing an online marketplace, you retain more of the proceeds from the sale, which can be crucial for funding your retirement or transitioning into a new legal venture. This cost savings is especially beneficial when adhering to the requirements of ABA Rule 1.17, which mandates the protection of clients’ interests when selling a law practice. With more funds at your disposal, you can ensure a smooth and ethical transition, safeguarding your clients’ needs throughout the process.

Wider Exposure to Prospective Buyers

The internet has transformed the way businesses operate, and this includes the legal profession. Online marketplaces provide attorneys with a platform to showcase their law practice to a vast and diverse pool of potential buyers. Instead of relying on local connections or a limited network, these platforms offer nationwide and even international exposure.

In the context of ABA Rule 1.17, this exposure can be invaluable. The rule places a strong emphasis on finding a qualified purchaser who can responsibly handle the practice and protect the clients’ interests. Online marketplaces enable you to connect with a wider range of qualified and interested buyers who are actively searching for law practices to purchase. This not only increases your chances of finding the right buyer but also ensures that your clients will be in capable hands after the transition.

Moreover, online marketplaces provide tools to help you present your practice in the best possible light. You can include detailed information about the practice’s specialties, client base, and financial performance. This transparency fosters trust and helps prospective buyers make informed decisions.


In conclusion, leveraging online marketplaces to sell your law practice under ABA Rule 1.17 is a wise and cost-effective choice. The financial savings achieved through lower fees and the exposure to a wide pool of qualified buyers make it a compelling option for attorneys looking to transition out of their practice while adhering to ethical guidelines. In today’s digital age, embracing online platforms is not just a convenience, but a necessity for a successful law practice sale. Get started selling your law practice by listing your practice for sale on the online marketplace – starting at $49.

October 16, 2023 5:39 pm

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