Seller Confidentiality


The Seller’s city and state are publicly identified. The exact address remains confidential until the seller chooses to disclose this information.


The “Username” you create will be visible to prospective buyers on your ad posting. Therefore, to remain anonymous, you should create a user name that cannot be associated with you or your law firm.

For example, attorney John Blackstone should NOT create a username of “JohnBlackstone” or “BlackstoneLaw” since these user names could easily be associated with John Blackstone and any anonymity would be lost. Instead, the username “EstatePlanningAtty45” may be a better choice to remain anonymous.


The law practice listing page contains fields for the seller to disclose sensitive information regarding the seller’s client base, gross revenues, firm structure, etc. The seller has the ability to publicly disclose this information or mark the information “Confidential.” Each of these fields has a pull-down menu that includes the label “Confidential.” If selected, no confidential information will be uploaded to the site for that field. The seller can choose to disclose confidential information to a prospective buyer privately at a later date if desired — or not at all if desired.


The seller’s identity remains confidential (unless revealed through the username) until the seller chooses to disclose the seller’s identity. Buyers can contact the seller by clicking the “Contact Owner” button in the “Confidential Seller Communication Portal” box located on each law practice listing page. The “Contact Owner” button allows the buyer to email the seller directly for more information. This email is a private communication between the prospective buyer and the seller — the site does not record the email. Upon receipt of the buyer’s email, the seller can choose to (1) ignore the email, (2) respond to the buyer anonymously, or (3) respond to the buyer and disclose the seller’s identify. To increase confidentiality, the seller is urged to create a new email address that is not associated with the seller or the seller’s law firm.


An avatar is displayed in the “Confidential Seller Communication Portal” box located on each law practice listing page.  For sellers without a custom avatar of their own, the site will automatically populate with an avatar image shaped like a gray “mystery person.” Sellers with a custom avatar should delete the custom avatar to maintain anonymity. Note that the seller would delete the custom avatar from wherever the seller originally created the avatar. This website does not create a custom avatar and cannot help the seller delete a custom avatar; it only auto-populates a seller’s already existing custom avatar. If a seller cannot delete the seller’s custom avatar, then the seller should consider marking all confidential information fields as “Confidential.”