selling a law practice

Selling a Law Practice

Selling a Law Practice with an Online Marketplace

For an attorney in the twilight of their career, selling a law practice is a poignant journey marked by emotional highs and lows. After decades of tireless dedication, nights and weekends spent building a law practice from scratch, and the unwavering commitment to family, this pivotal moment signifies the culmination of a lifetime’s work. Selling a law practice becomes the bridge between a lifetime of service and a well-earned retirement, serving as both a bittersweet farewell and an exciting new beginning. In this article, we will explore the emotional landscape of retiring from the practice of law, the significance of the financial aspect, and the ethical considerations.

Selling a Law Practice: The Heart and Soul

Every attorney’s journey in the legal profession is unique, but for those who have spent decades in practice, the emotional investment is immeasurable. This journey often starts from the ground up, building a law practice from scratch. Long hours, late nights, and weekends become the norm, not just to serve clients, but to provide for one’s family. The phrase “selling a law practice” encompasses the essence of this lifelong endeavor – the culmination of years of hard work, determination, and unwavering dedication.

Building a law practice from scratch is no easy feat. Attorneys invest their heart and soul into it, striving to establish a reputation for trustworthiness, expertise, and a genuine commitment to their clients. Each case, each client, and each verdict or settlement becomes a piece of the attorney’s identity, etched into their legal career. Selling a law practice entails bidding farewell to these cherished elements, transforming them into a legacy for others to carry forward.

Financial Reward of Selling a Law Practice

For an attorney approaching the twilight of their career, selling a law practice is not just about letting go emotionally; it’s also a practical decision. The financial rewards reaped from the sale constitute the bulk of the retirement fund. It’s the culmination of years of financial planning and discipline, a tangible reward for the years of dedication to the legal profession.

The phrase “selling a law practice” in this context represents a critical financial strategy, one that can make the difference between a comfortable retirement and financial uncertainty. The money generated from the sale becomes a nest egg, offering financial security in retirement. It allows the attorney to enjoy the fruits of their labor without worrying about economic instability, healthcare costs, or unforeseen expenses that may arise in retirement.

The Emotional Highs and Lows

Retiring from the practice of law is a rollercoaster of emotions. The highs are marked by a sense of accomplishment, the satisfaction of having served clients with dedication and integrity, and the anticipation of a well-deserved retirement. The attorney may look forward to more time with family, pursuing hobbies, and engaging in activities that have long been deferred.

However, the lows are equally profound. Letting go of a law practice is akin to saying goodbye to a part of one’s identity. It’s the realization that the relentless pace of legal work, the thrill of court battles, and the weight of responsibility will soon be in the rearview mirror. The phrase “selling a law practice” underscores the emotional weight of this decision, emphasizing the need to navigate these highs and lows with resilience and grace.

Ease of Selling a Law Practice Online

In the digital age, selling a law practice has become more accessible and cost-effective through online marketplaces like Attorneys can list their practice with ease, reaching a wider audience of potential buyers while saving a significant amount of money. The cost savings are staggering compared to traditional methods, with online marketplaces often charging as little as $49 per month, a far cry from the 10% commission demanded by business brokers.

This ease of access and affordability ensures that attorneys can transition into retirement smoothly, without the burden of exorbitant fees. Online marketplaces like empower attorneys to take control of their exit strategy and maximize their financial gains in the process.

Determining a Fair Price for Decades of Goodwill

Determining a fair price for a law practice that has been nurtured and cultivated over decades can be a complex process. The goodwill developed with clients, the reputation earned, and the successful cases won all contribute to the practice’s value. The phrase “selling a law practice” underscores the responsibility of the retiring attorney to set a fair and just price.

Factors such as client retention rates, case history, profitability, and the potential for future client revenues must all be considered. A thorough valuation process helps ensure that the price reflects the legacy built over the years, providing both parties with a fair deal.

ABA Rule 1.17: Limitations and Ethical Responsibilities

Selling a law practice is not without its regulatory and ethical considerations. ABA Rule 1.17 serves as a guiding principle, specifying the conditions and requirements for the sale of a law practice.

The rule mandates that the selling attorney must cease to engage in the area of practice that has been sold. This limitation ensures that conflicts of interest are avoided and that clients can trust the new attorney to handle their cases without bias. However, the rule also grants the selling attorney the freedom to explore new practice areas or geographic regions without limitation, opening the door to new opportunities in retirement.

Ethical responsibilities come to the forefront during the sale. While client consent is not required for the sale, clients must be informed of the change and provided the option to choose new representation. This ethical consideration ensures transparency and allows for a smooth transition for clients, respecting their rights and preferences.


Selling a law practice after a lifetime of service is a deeply emotional and multifaceted journey. The phrase “selling a law practice” encompasses the heart and soul of an attorney’s career, encapsulating the years of hard work, dedication, and unwavering commitment to clients and family. It is a poignant farewell to the legal profession while simultaneously marking the beginning of a well-deserved retirement.

The financial aspects are equally significant, as the sale constitutes the bulk of the retirement fund, providing financial security in retirement. The emotional highs and lows of retirement are marked by a sense of accomplishment and the emotional weight of letting go.

Online marketplaces like provide a cost-effective and accessible solution for selling a law practice, enabling attorneys to transition into retirement with ease. Determining a fair price is a critical responsibility, ensuring that the legacy of goodwill developed over the years is justly compensated.

Navigating ABA Rule and ethical considerations is essential for a smooth transition. Selling a law practice is a pivotal moment, one that requires careful consideration and the wisdom to preserve the legacy while embracing the future.